Science communication

Science communication is the art of making complex scientific information understandable to a non-scientific audience. It’s a set of skill we have in abundance. Griffiths Environmental provides a specialist service in science communication, specifically in writing about agricultural and environmental sciences.

PorongorupsAgricultural extension is a well-developed field, broadly related to science communication. It takes agricultural research and makes it accessible to farmers, farm advisors, and others involved in agriculture. Griffiths Environmental has experience in preparing material for agricultural extension and can help you with communicating your agricultural research.

Communicating information about the environment can be difficult. The issues are often complex and emotion can run high. At Griffiths Environmental, we can devise communication strategies to help you target your information to specific audiences.

Publications 002We can create any communications products you need. If we don’t have the skills in-house, we will draw on our network to bring those skills into the project. We can help you with a media campaign or to design workshops.